Lapema Garoto Rude

28-04-18 WELKS Champ Sue Ellis Post Graduate 1st
22-04-18 Leominster Open Tate Shrimpton Post Graduate 1st, BOB & WG4
21-04-18 W&PBs Wales Champ Char John Post Graduate 1st
10-02-18 Swansea Open Michael Craig Open 1st, BOB & WG3
04-01-18 Boston Champ Keith Givens Post Graduate 2nd
27-10-17 Midland Counties Champ Hedd Richards Post Graduate 2nd
08-10-17 SWKA Champ Dr R James Post Graduate 2nd
28-09-17 Driffield Champ Veronica Avory Post Graduate 2nd
23-09-17 AMCUK Champ French Post Graduate 2nd
16-09-17 Darlington Champ Mike John Post Graduate RES
09-09-17 Richmond Champ Mr K Jarvine Post Graduate 1st
02-09-17 City Of Birmingham Champ Marion Sargeant Post Graduate 2nd
13-08-17 Bournemouth Champ Keith Baldwin Post Graduate 1st
04-08-2017 Paignton Champ Avril Roper Post Graduate 1st
22-07-17 Leeds Champ Steve Myring Graduate 3rd
16-07-17 AMCUK Open Barry Blunden Post Grad RES
16-07-17 Evesham Openv Lauren Perfitt Post Grad 1st, RBD & RBOB
15-07-17 NW&PBs Champ Derek Smith Graduate 1st
08-07-17 East Of England Champ Robin Searle Post Grad 1st
02-07-17 Windsor Champ Robin Newhouse Post Grad 2nd
25-06-17 Blackpool Champ Noel Melling Post Grad 2nd
18-06-17 Border Union Champ Jo Sugdenv Post Grad 2nd
10-06-17 Three Counties Champ Sharon Loades Post Grad 2nd
03-06-17 Southern Counties Champ Bridgette Bodle Post Grad 2nd
28-05-17 AMCUK Open Anna Ballington Graham Yearling   2nd
27-05-17 Bath Champ Graham Hill Novice 1st
21-05-17 SKC Champ Chris John Yearling 1st
06-05-17 Birmingham National Champ Keith Nathan Yearling 1st
28-04-17   WELKS   Champ Jeff Luscott   Yearling   1st
15-04-17 W&PBs of Wales Champ Caroline Friend-Rees Post Grad 1st
09-04-17 Pontypool Open Denise Pye Graduate 3rd
19-03-17 Retford Open   Mark Plummer Post Grad 3rd
04-03-17 Swindon Open Colin Woodward Post Grad 2nd & RBOB
26-02-17 Cheltenham Open Simon Molloy Post Grad 1st & BOB
18-02-17 Gloucester Open Chris Roberts Post Grad 1st, BOB & WG4
11-02-17 NW&PBs Open Char John Post Grad 3rd
04-02-17 Rugby Open Russell Jones Post Grad 1st & BOB
29-01-17 Cardiff Open F.Wilkes Post Grad 1st & RBOB
14-01-17 Worcs & Malvern Open Kirstie Forster Post Grad 1st & RBOB
04-01-17 Boston Champ Sarah Robinson Junior RES
28-12-16 Ashbourne Open Kevin Whitehead Post Grad 1st
10-12-16 LKA Champ Nicola Signh Junior 3rd
27-11-16 Sedgley Open Paul Harding P.Grad 1st
26-11-16 Nordic Open Caroline Friend-Rees P.Grad 3rd
19-11-16 Walsall Open Kelly Hughes P.Grad 1st
06-11-16 Coventry Foleshill Open Tate Louch P.Grad 1st & RBOB
27-10-16 Midland Counties Champ Andrew Brace Junior 2nd
08-10-16 SWKA Champ Jeff Horswell Junior RES
29-09-16 Driffield Champ Roger Cruden Junior/Yearling 1st/1st
24-09-16 AMCUK Champ Penny Roberts Stakes 1st
24-09-16 AMCUK Champ Sue Ellis Junior/Yearling 1st/1st
10-09-16 Richmond Champ Kevin Young Junior 3rd
03-09-16 City of Birmingham Champ Albert Wight Junior 1st
20-08-16 WKC Champ Liz Dunhill Junior 1st
13-08-16 Bournemouth Champ Richard Kinsey Junior 2nd
22-07-16 Leeds Champ Anne Hardy Graduate 1st
16-07-16 NW&PBs Champ Jill Broadberryv Puppy 1st
09-07-16 East of England Cham David Cavill Puppy 1st & BPIB
30-06-16 Windsor Champ Hipillena Puppy 2nd
26-06-16 Blackpool Champ Christina Chapman Puppy 2nd
09-06-16 Three Counties Champ Stuart Mallard Puppy 1st
04-06-16 Southern Counties Champ Arie Swarz Puppy RES
29-05-16 Bath Champ Barry Croft Puppy 1st
14-05-16 Redditch Open Helen Gutteridge S.Yearling 1st, BPIB, WPG2
07-05-16 AMCUK Open Joan Sheehan Puppy/Junior 2nd/2nd
06-05-16 National Champ Frank Kane Puppy/Junior 2nd/3rd
02-05-16 Banbury Open John Carter Junior 1st, BOB, BPIB, WG3, WPG1
24-04-16 WELKS Champ Dave Killilea Puppy / Junior 2nd/1st
17-04-16 Leominster Open Allyson King Junior 2nd
05-03-16 Wath & West Open Kirstie Forster Junior 2nd
20-03-16 Retford Open Kelly Hughes Junior 1st, BPIB, WPG2
25-03-16 Eastwood Open Aniko Junior 2nd
27-03-16 Bridgwater Open Dave Chapman Graduate 2nd
20-02-16 Glos Open P.Thomas Graduate 1st, BPIB, WPG2
13-02-16 NW&PBS Open Irene Rushfirth Junior 1st, BPIB, RBOB, WPG4
06-02-16 Rugby Open Mel Hardy Junior 1st, BOB, BPIB, WG4


Judges Critiques

Bournemouth ch show 2017
" 2 year old grey and white good size and well balanced, head broad and in proportion to his size, brown almond shaped eyes and scissor bite, good neck and firm body, shoulders moderately sloping and straight front legs viewed, moderate stifle and strong hocks giving good propulsion from the rear, well shown."

Scottish Kennel Club CH SHOW 2017
"22 months. Handsome broad head with excellent correct eye shape and set, small well-placed ears. Excellent front and topline. Good bone and lovely harsh coat. Moved with good reach and power."

Gloucester Open SHOW 2017
"Well grown 6 month old male in good coat, strong forelegs, with well angled shoulders giving this dog a free flowing movement, just enough rear angulation to make a very nice picture, should mature into a very fine dog. BPIB WPG2."

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