Lapema Angelo Di Ciel

20-08-16 WKC Champ Liz Dunhill Open RES
13-08-16 Bournemouth Champ Richard Kinsey Open 2nd
22-07-16 Leeds Champ Anne Hardy Open RES
16-07-16 NW&PBs Champ Jill Broadberry Open VHC
09-07-16 East of England Champ David Cavill Open 3rd
22-08-15 WKC Champ Jeff Luscott Open 2nd & RBCC
10-08-15 Bornemouth Champ E Engh Open RES
03-08-15 Paignton Champ Marion Sargent Open 2nd
26-07-15 Leeds Champ Keith Givens Open RES
03-07-15 Windsor Champ Sharon Loades Open VHC
11-07-15 NW&PBs Champ Sue Ellis Open 3rd
17/08/13 WKC Champ Mr Rony Doedijns Limit RES
05/08/13 Paignton Champ Hedd Richards Limit 1st
26/07/13 Leeds Champ Liz Bruns Limit RES
14/07/13 AMCUK Open Sharon Loades Limit RES
13/07/13 NW&PBS Champ Kevin Young Limit RES
05-07-13 East Of England Champ Nicola Singh Limit 3rd
16-06-13 Border Union Champ Tan Negrecha Limit 2nd
28-04-2013 WELKS Champ Liz Dunhill Junior 1st & RBCC
09-12-12 Chepstow Open Terry Colwell Graduate/Open 2nd/2nd
13-10-12 Okehampton Open Pauline Luxmoor Ball  Graduate RES
06-10-12 Treharris   Open Debbie Prout Junior  2nd
01-09-12 City Of Birm Champ John Phillips Puppy RES
15-09-12 Darlington Champ Frank Kane  Puppy  3rd
20-09-12 Driffield Champ Bridgette Bodle Puppy 2nd
27-08-12   Leicester City   Open Charlotte John Puppy 1st
13-08-12 Bournemouth Champ  Zena Thorn Andrews Puppy 2nd
07-08-12 Paignton Champ  Keith Givens Puppy 1st
29-07-12 Leeds  Champ  Christina Chapman  MP  / Puppy 2nd/3rd
14-07-12 NW&PBs  Champ  Terry Monroe Puppy 3rd
16-06-12 Border Union Champ  Jill Broadberry Puppy    RES
08-07-12 East Of England Champ Mary Deats  Puppy 3rd
28-06-12 Windsor   Champ Robin Searle/td> MP  / Puppy VHC/VHC
16-06-12 Border Union Champ Jill Broadberry Puppy 1st & BPIB
07-06-12 Three Counties  Champ Tegwyn Jones Puppy 3rd
03-06-12 Southern Counties Champ Ron Menacker Puppy RES
27-05-12 Bath Champ Margaret Wildman Puppy 2nd
11-05-12  Birmingham National Champ Steve Hall M.Puppy 2nd

Judges Critiques

WKC CH Show 2015 Mr Jeff Luscott
"Loved the shape of this girl on the move, she has the profile & balance, is strong in bone & build, she appeals in head & the power in neck, I liked her through the front, rib & tailset, she has strong quarters & pushed 1 all the way taking the RCC in a good challenge."

West of England Ladies Kennel Society 2013
"17 month female of excellent breed type and balance, when I saw her I thought this is the bitch that the rest will have to beat. Exquisite head, small well placed ears, placed on excellent proportioned head, deep muzzle, beautiful expression from well shaped eyes. Good fill to foreface and good cheeks. Strong crested neck leading into well layer shoulder, excellent front and feet, good pro sternum development, level top line, excellent body proportions, well carried tail. Excellent length to leg. In excellent coat and condition. Moved like a dream, excellent reach drive and harmonious action. I just loved her, she is so correct. With more training could trouble the best, was pleased to give her Res CC in a great line up."

Paignton 2012
“A very pleasing young girl, she moved true and in control. She has good bone, correct angles and a nice sloping topline. She has overall a good head for a youngster with a nice eye shape & colour, ears correctly rounded and set correctly. In good coat. She could be one to watch.”

Birmingham National 2012
“Nice bitch who was unfortunate to meet 1, just needs to come together more. Very good balance. Looked a little raw but she did produce a very positive front action, which impressed me.”


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