Multi BVIS / RBIS / RBVISS Gorkeane De Jungla Negars (IMP ESP)

Show Type Judge Class Award
30-10-11 Midland Counties Champ Mel Hardy Open 3rd
01-11-11 Romsey Open Debbie Prout Open 2nd
24-09-11 AMCUK Champ Steve Myring Vetran 1st
17-09-11 Darlington Champ Myrna Shiboleth Open VHC
03-09-11 City Of Birmingham Champ Jim Broadberry Vetran 1st
16-08-11 Bournemouth Champ J Luscoff Vetran 2nd
26-06-11 Blackpool Champ John Phillips Vetran 1st
09-06-11 Three Counties Champ Keith Baldwin Open VHC
05-06-11 Southern Counties Champ Jeff Horswell Open VHC
29-05-11 Bath Champ Lyn Salt Vetran 1st
14-05-11 AMCUK Open Jo Sugden Veteran 1st,BVB
29-04-11 WELKS Champ Marion Sargent Vetran 1st
17-04-11 Leominster Open Dieter Sprung Open 1st,BOB & WG4 & RBVIS
16-04-11 W&PBs Wales Champ Mr G Hill Open 3rd
19-03-11 Potteries Open Avril Roper Open 1st, BOB & WG4
11-03-11 Crufts Champ Stuart Mallard Veteran 1st
27-02-11 Cheltenham Open V.Partridge-Bebb Open 2nd, RBOB, BOS & BVIS
05-03-11 Rugby Open Mary Deats Veteran 1st BVIS
22-01-11 Manchester Champ Jill Peak Veteran 1st
15-01-11 Coalville Open Mike Vines Open 1st, BOB & WG2
08-01-11 Boston Champ Dr Ronald W James Open 2nd & RBB
11-10-10 LKA Champ Sue Eliis Open 3rd
10-10-10 SWKA Champ Bob Gregory Open 1st & BB
30-09-10 Driffield Champ Hedd Richards Open 1st & BB
25-09-10 AMCUK Champ Kath Howarth Veteran 2nd
18-09-10 Darlington Champ Erna-Britt Nordin Veteran 2nd
11-09-10 Richmond Champ Tegwyn Jones Open 3rd
04-08-10 City of Birmingham Champi Liz Bruns Veteran 2nd
21-08-10 WKC Champ Albert Wight Open 3rd
02-08-10 Paignton Champ Robin Searle Open 3rd
17-07-10 NW & PB Champ Keith Givens Open 2nd & RBCC
09-07-10 East of England Champ Liz Dunhill Open 2nd
03-07-10 Windsor Champ Vic Salt Open VHC
27-06-10 Blackpool Champ F Somerfiled Veteran 2nd
12-06-10 Three Counties Champ Barrie Croft Open 2nd
21-05-10 SKC Champ Roger Cruden Open 1st & RBCC
17-04-10 W&PBS of Wales Champ Marion Spavin Open 2nd
11-03-10 CRUFTS Champ Dave Killiea Veteran 1st
20-02-10 National Work & Pastoral Open Lynne Salt Open 2nd
23-01-10 Manchester Champ Mark Plummer Open 3rd
28-11-09 Nordic Open Mo Boyd Open 2nd
22-10-09  MidlandCounties Champ Anthony Rees Open 1st & RBB
10-10-09 SWKA Champ Sigurd Wilberg  Open 1st & BB
01-10-09 Driffeild Champ Mr R Kinsey Open 2nd
26-09-09 AMCUK Champ Jill.Broadberry Veteran 3rd
10-08-09 Bournemouth Champ Noel Melling Open 3rd
03-08-09 Paignton Champ Mrs K Hawarth Open 4th
05-07-09 Windsor Champ Dr D W James  Open 3rd
28-06-09 Blackpool Champ Barbara Stanier Veteran 1st
15-06-09 Three counties Champ Jeff Luscott Open 2nd
07-06-09 SouthernCounties Champ Pekka Teini (Finland) Open 2nd
18-04-09 W&PBs Champ Jill Peak Open 4th
08-03-09 Crufts Champ Mr Steve Hall Open 2nd
09-01-09 Boston Champi Ann Hardy Open 2nd
18-09-08 Driffield Champ Christina Chapman Open 3rd
27-09-08 AMCUK Champ Wendy Willhauk USA Open 1st
25-10-08 Midland Counties Champ Ellis Hulme Open 2nd
02-11-08 Coventry & District Open Robby Wright Open 3rd
06-09-08 Richmond Champ Lyn Salt Open 3rd
29-08-08 City Of Birmingham Champ Barrie Croft Open 2nd &
16-08-08 Welsh Kennel Club Champ Mary Deats  Open 1st & BCC
10-08-08 Bournemouth Champ John Phillips Open 1st & BB
04-08-08 Paignton Champ Sue Smith Open 3rd
17-07-08 East Of England Champ Mrs V.P Avory Open RES
06-07-08 SWKA Champ Mrs.A.Cawthera-Purdy Open 1st, BB & BOS
26-06/-08 Windsor Champ Mrs.S.Garner Open 2nd
22-06-08 Blackpool Champ Derek Smith Open RES
10-06-08 Three Counties Champ Keith Givens Open 1st
01-06-08 Southern Counties Champ Marja Talvitie(Finland) Open 3rd
17-05-08 Scottish Kennel Club Champ John McManus Open 2nd
09-05-08 Birmingham National Champ Stuart Mallard Open VHC
19-04v08 Working & Pastoral Champ Vic Salt Open 2nd & RBB
08-03-08 Crufts Champ Jill Broadberry Open 2nd &RBCC
18-08-07 Welsh Kennel Club Champ Roger Cruden Open 2nd
08-07-07 SWKA   Champ Keith Givens  Open VHC
13-06-07 Three Counties Champ Walt Howarth Open VHC
03-06-07 Southern Counties   Champ Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen Open 3rd
17-05-07 Scottish Kennel Club Champ Mr.S.Hall Open 1st & RBCC
10-05-07 Birmingham National Champ Janet Al-Haddad Open 1st
02-04-07 National Working & Pastoral Champ Gerald Mitchell Open 1st, BB &RBOB
09-03-07 Crufts Champ Andrew Brace Open RES
27-10-06 Manchester Champ Maria-Dolores Open 1st,BD &BOS
27/10/06 Midland Counties Champ Mr. J.Horswell Open 3rd
02-09-06 City of Birmingham Champ Dr. Janusz Opara Open 1st, BB & RBOB
19-08-06 Welsh Kennel Club Champ Mr D.Cavill Open RES
15-07-06 National Working&Pastoral Champ MrsJ.Broadberry Open RES
09-07-06 Paignton Champ Jack Bispham Open VHC
09-07-06 SWKA Champ Colin Reed Open 3rd
25-06-06 Blackpool Champ Dave Killilea Open 1st,BB & RCC
15-06-06 Three Counties Champ Mr R.Oldham Open RES
04-06-06 Southern Counties Champ Mr S.Wilberg Open 2nd
28-05-06 Bath Champ Mr N.Melling Open 2nd
09-03-06 Crufts Champ ZThorn-Andrews Limit RES
09-12-05 LKA Champ Mr M.Hardy Limit 3rd
27-10-05 MidlandCounties Champ DerekSmith Open 2nd
13-10-05 Driffield Champ Walter Howarth Limit 2nd


Judges Critiques

“ Very imposing girl, great substance right through and in tip top condition. Moved like a youngster round the ring. In excellent condition and great coat. Lovely headpiece, strong neck and well assembled forequarters with short pasterns and good feet. Slightly longer in back but still holding her topline well with excellent tail carriage and rear drive. Best Veteran Bitch.”

“ This bitch is one who will always take the eye, she is 8years old but has wonderful presence, sound overall construction and the truest & best of actions, I liked her type, head, neck, wither, topline & tailset, sound ribbing & presentation.”

Driffield CH SHOW 2010
“ Mature & classy, 8 years, my notes say ‘really lovely throughout’ & that sums it up, excellent head with correct eye & ear, strongly boned with super front & just right balance to complete the picture, such a powerful mover with ideal tail carriage.”

“ This bitch is one who will always take the eye, she is 8 years old but with a wonderful presence, sound overall construction with the truest and best action of all.”

“Absolutely cracking 8 year old that had previously impressed me at WKC. Soft but almost aloof expression, dark eyed, powerful yet feminine head. Strong body throughout with bone unmatched by any bitch. Good fore , deep well sprung chest, still holding her topline on the move showing off a high level of fitness belying her age. In lovely coat and condition and well worth the RCC.”

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales CH SHOW 2010
“Most pleasing head and eye, excellent front and feet, strong body and bone, good shaped quarters, sound free mover.”

“Again a Spanish import, can only say the breed must be strong in Spain, their loss because this also is a top class Malamute in anybody’s book, loved her.”

Midland Counties CH SHOW 2008
“Strong well made mature 6yrs, broad skull, thick ears, eye of correct shape, set and colour, well bodied, heavily boned, skilfully handled to maximise her virtues.”

Welsh Kennel Club CH SHOW 2008
“6½ years, excellent head & expression, broad flat skull, excellent strength of muzzle, excellent forequarters, strong bone to tight feet & strong pasterns, excellent substance, body length, rear quarters & true action. CC.”

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales CH SHOW 2007
“Very nice bitch with a good head & eye, arched neck & good shoulders, firm topline, sound hindquarters & strong hocks, moved soundly & presented well.”

Blackpool CH SHOW 2006
“Strong imposing bitch who looks as though she can do the job she was bred for. Not quite the glamour of some but oozes breed type. Excellent front and feet, strong head, neat ears, good width of muzzle with correct scissor bite, powerful neck, firm topline, correct hindquarters. Excellent on the move. Best Bitch and Reserve CC.”

City of Birmingham CH SHOW 2006
“Fabulous bitch, real beauty, showing great type and balance, broad, powerful but feminine head, perfectly shaped and set eyes, giving breathe taking expression, strong, firm, sloping topline, just the right amount of angulation, ideal tailset and carriage, easy, tireless and powerful movement, copybook coat, terrific temperament, quality female as close to ideal as possible. Best Bitch.”

Manchester CH SHOW 2007
“Excellent bone, strong front, good angulation, well muscled quarters, she covered ground with little effort and looked as if she would have little problem doing the job she was bred for. Best Bitch.”

Scottish Kennel Club CH SHOW 2007
“I liked her for her strength and fabulous feet, most beautiful head, not a hint of weakness yet still retaining femininity, lovely eyes and set of ear, ample strong neck, very well matured body of all the right proportions, really good rear full of power, excellent jacket, impressive mover so firm and true. This is a top class bitch of this breed for her obvious qualities. I could not deny her the topspot in this class. Presented to perfection. Reserve Bitch CC.”


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