BJISS Justami Meoquanee Per Lapema JW

28-04-18 WELKS Champ Sue Ellis Open 3rd
08-04-18 Pontypool Open G.Davies Open 1st, BOB & WG4
07-04-18 Exonian Open Terry Colwell Open 1st & BOB
25-02-18 Cheltenham Open Ed Forsey Open 1st, BOB & WG4
18-02-18 Llynfi Open Julie Botteril Open 1st, BOB & WG2
03-02-18 Darlington Open Anne Nevinson Open 1st, BOB & WG2
20-01-18 Manchester Champ Steve Hall Open RES
04-01-18 Boston Champ Keith Givens Open 3rd
08-10-17 SWKA Champ Dr R James Open RES
09-09-17 Richmond Champ Mr K Jarvine Open RES
22-07-17 Leeds   Champ Steve Myring   Open 3rd
28-05-17 Bath   Champ Graham Hill   Open   VHC
27-05-17   AMCUK Open Anne Nevinson   Open   3rd
21-05-17 SKC Champ  Chris John Open   3rd
06-05-17 National Champ Keith Nathan   Open   2nd
28-04-17 WELKS Champ Jeff Luscott   Open   RES
04-01-17 Boston Champ Sarah Robinson Open 3rd
28-12-16 Ashbourne Open Kevin Whitehead Open 1st & RBOB
22-07-16 Leeds Champ Anne Hardy Limit 1st
09-07-16 East of England Champ David Cavill Limit RES
30-06-16 Windsor Champ Hipallni Limit RES
26-06-16 Blackpool Champ Christina Chapman Limit VHC
04-06-16 Southern Counties Champ Arie Swarz Limit 3rd
29-05-16 Bath Champ Barry Croft Limit 3rd
20-02-16 Glos Open P.Thomas Open 1st & BOB
13-02-16 NW&PBS Open Irene Rushfirth Open 1st & BOB
Rugby Open Mel Hardy Open 1st RBOB
16-01-16 Manchester Champ Roberta Wright Open 1st & RCC
07-01-16 Boston Champ Hedd Richards Open 3rd
28-21-15 Ashbourne Open Kelly Hughes Open 1st, BOB
27-12-15 Stourbridge Open Joe Smith (Mowgli) Open 2nd
29-11-15 Stroud Open Deborah Prout Open 1st & RBOB
15-02-15 Matlock Open Jane Brook Open 1st, BOB & WG3
14-02-15 Potteries Open Julie Whyman Open 1st
Ashbourne Open Keith Rushfirth Open 3rd
14-12 -14 LKA Champ Jim Broadberry Limit 3rd
12-10-14 SWKA Champ Helen Burke Limit 1st & BCC
04-10-14 Treharris Open Ryan Lack Open 3rd
20-09-14 AMCUK Champ Cheryl Paterson (Terrapin) Limit RES
06-09-14 Richmond Champ Liz Dunhill Limit 2nd
30-08-14 City Of Birmingham Champ Mary Deats Limit RES
16-08-14 WKC Champ Bob Gregory P.Grad 2nd
22-03-15 Bridgwater Open Mandy Vearncombe Open 1st, BOB & WG3
04-08-14 Paignton Champ Stuart Mallard P.Grad 2nd
13-07-14 AMCUK Open Averil Cawthera-Purdy P.Grad 1st & RBB
26-07-14 Leeds Champ Jeff Horswell P.Grad 1st
12-07-14 NW&PBs Champ Albert Wight P.Grad 2nd
05-07-14 East of England Champ David Cavill P.Grad 1st
28-06-14 Windsor Champ Lyn Salt P.Grad 1st
22-06-14 Blackpool Champ Frank Kane P.Grad RES
14-06-14 Border Union Champ Dolores Montgomery P.Grad RES
07-06-14 Three Counties Champ John Phillips P.Grad 3rd
25-05-14 Bath Champ Keith Baldwin P.Grad 1st
11-05-14 Birmingham National Champ Christina Chapman Limit 2nd
25-04-14 WELKS Champ Champ Anthony Rees P.Grad 3rd
09-01-14 Boston Champ Melvyn Hardy P.Grad 1st
14-12-13 LKA Champ Robin Newhouse P.Grad 1st
25-10-13  Midland Counties Champ  Jeff Luscott  Post Grad 2nd
28-09-13  AMCUK  Champ Keith Givens Jr/Sp.Yearling/PG 1st/1st/3rd
19-09-13 Driffield Champ Steve Myring Junior/ Yearling 1st/1st
14-09-13 Darlington Champ Sue Smith Junior 1st
07-09-13 Richmond Champ Jim Broadberry Junior 1st
31-08-13 City Of Birmingham Champ Barbara Stanier Junior 1st
17-08-13 WKC Champ Mr Rony Doedijns Junior 2nd
05-08-13 Paignton Champ Hedd Richards Junior 1st
26-07-13 Leeds Champ Liz Bruns Junior 1st
14-07-13 AMCUK Open Sharon Loades Junior 2nd
13-07-13 NW&PBS Champ Kevin Young Junior RES
05-07-13 East Of England Champ Nicola Singh Junior 3rd
30-06-13 Windsor Champ Simon Luxmoore Junior 3rd
16-06-13 Border Union Champ Tan Negrecha Junoir 3rd
26-05-13 Bath Champ Champ Jo Sugden Junoir 3rd
28-04-13 WELKS Champ Liz Dunhill Junior VHC
24-03-13 Retford Open Rebecca Kaye junior 2nd
34-03-13 Crufts Champ Sue Ellis (chayo) Puppy 1st
24-02-13 Llynfi Valley Open Open Caroline Friend-Rees Graduate 1st, BPIB & WPG2
17-02-13 Cheltenham Open Debbie Prout Junior 1st, BPIB & RBOB
05-01-13 Worcs Maly Open Bill Brown Cole Junior 1st & BPIB
15-12-12 LKA Champ Daved Killiea Puppy 2nd
09-12-12 Chepstow Open Terry Colwell Junior 1st, BPIB & WPG2
25-10-12 Midland Counties Champ Anthony Rees  Puppy   2nd


Judges Critiques

Manchester 2016 judge Mrs Roberta Wright
"I have always admired this bitch & today she won in excellent company, feminine but still has the size & substance I was looking for, not in full coat but enough to show off her many virtues. Handled & shown well, moved soundly, won this class on her overall soundness & balance. RCC; "

Gloucester Open judge Mr P Thomas
"Very nice typical specimen in rear hard condition, in good coat, nice strong head moved to perfection as you would expect from a dog with such good angulation & good reach of foreleg. BOB."

WPB of Wales judge Tim Ball
"This red/white scored for her overall type. Feminine throughout with nice bone and substance. Moderate length of neck, slight slope to topline, nice depth of chest, strong loin and correct tail for both set and carriage. Well constructed forequarters with moderate layback of shoulder, straight front, firm pasterns and good feet. Nicely proportioned head with broad skull, muzzle of good depth and good ears for size and set. Moving so well all ways and using herself fully. RBB."

Leeds 2014
"Liked the outline on this red bitch, good length of body & enough leg. Feminine head with a broad skull, could have better eyes. Enough neck. Well balanced in angulation giving a very good stride. Slope to topline. Very good tail."

Windsors 2014
"Red bitch of excellent quality and so well put together, lovely head with good muzzle, small triangular ears, arched neck, good depth of chest, straight front and strong pasterns, sound behind with good bone, lovely outline both moving and standing. "

Boston 2014
"good head & expression. Nice front with compact feet. Fair topline & sound mover."

LKA 2013
"Excellent balance all round, great head and muzzle, correct neck, body and topline, good front and rear angles, sound on the move, must do well "

Midland Counties 2013
"Loved the head, strong muzzle, bone, front, shape and rear quarters on this powerful girl. She has the attitude and good action from all angles, she pushed 1 all the way to the end decision on the move."

AMCUK CLUB SHOW September 2013
"17mths. A very well put together girl she moved well in three classes, striding out well with power and purpose. She has a nice harsh coat covering good bone a nice spring of rib and strong loin, top line is good with typically plumed tail. Her head is strong but feminine with good width to muzzle correct eye & ear size and shape. Her skull will broaden with age. Looking how a young Mal should. I will watch her progress with interest. Third class was one to many on the day. BJ"

Driffield 2013
"16 months red girl with good bone & straight front, well balanced & very appealing on the eye, her movement was without faults & was in control of herself throughout. This was a strong class for her to win because there really wasn’t very much between the first thre."

Darlington 2013
"Pretty red girl, very feminine in head, yet strong, good neck, fore & aft quarters well angulated, in good condition yet not in full coat yet, nice topline held on the move, correct tailset & carriage, covered the ground on the move."

Richmond 2013
"Correct bite, lack of coat, moves well front and back."

Border Union 2013
"Another with a good head and expression but on short legs scored on her side gait."

Birmingham National 2013
"Red bitch, lovely shape & make. Lovely head & eye, beautiful ear set, with tiny ears, enough width on front, good ribbing & length. Topline could be tighter, nice rear, moved well. "

Crufts 2013
"Smart young lady who moved soundly around the ring. Has the sweetest of expressions. Great feet and super tail. Attentive to her handler."

Midland Counties 2012
"Another real little stunner a little more compact in shape and fuller in substance than class winner and of differing type. She is very pleasing on the eye and I expect her to develop into another quality example and I am sure she has a very interesting career ahead of her."


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